Mother Arc Kids

At Mother Arc we believe supporting our children is essential to future security and development, here we listen and work with them.

Portrait of happy kids, smiling, outdoors

Future Shapers

A special section of the Mother Arc Platform and programs is designated to children’s participation in New Systems construction. That’s right! We welcome children on this amazing journey where we are shaping a conscious future together.

Mother Arc Tool

Through the MA Kids  platform, children  have the opportunity to explore, create, learn, develop, and make healthy connections from wherever they may be.  They will be able to build support for the issues they feel most passionate about.

“Little voices with big dreams
now have a nurturing place to share
their visions and intentions
for their world”



Do you have a perky intelligent kid that would love Mother Arc?

Are you an educator and would like your class or school to get involved?

 Are you interested in contributing, working, or collaborating with us?
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